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Students are encouraged to have fun with words, sounds, spellings and structures including crosswords, quizzes, guessing games, creative ideas and presentations, Teamwork activities, problem solving thereby teasing their linguistic brain centres and developing a profound interest for necessary Skills. ADD-ON Courses deviates from the usual run of courses, in that it aims at generating better equipped and skilled individuals with critical and creative acumen for entry into various sectors.


Sahrdaya Employability Enhancement Programme Team (SEEP)

CET (Competitive Exam Training)

Mr. Daniel Francis (B.Tech) (3 years experience)

Mr. Rinto Paul (B.Tech) (6 years experience)


The programme helps students to excel in competitive world and proposes to spot their talent early in life and nourish them to bloom in full might. Competitive exams are extremely important in today’s world because success and failure makes a big difference to the career of a student. All students besides basic academics would be trained for different competitive exams with focused and rigorous training in Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General English and General Awareness.


Mr.Satish Nair (B.Sc) (ASAP Certified Trainer) (5 years experience)

Ms.SavithaVijayan (M.Com, MBA (Pursuing))(ASAP Certified Trainer) (3 years experience)


English aptly called the Universal Language, has now become a major requisite for entry in professional job and thus plays a very important role in shaping the destiny of a student, because you can have Brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, u won’t get anywhere!! Personal, Social, Organizational and Professional Skills and English Proficiency are therefore the major areas that need to be strengthened. ASAP aims towards imparting effective communication skills, language proficiency and skills (Soft and Hard Skills) required for employability and better performance at the workplace and are designed to help students overcome their inhibitions and to identify their strengths and weakness and to develop abilities and aptitudes that are essential for success in the Personal, Social and Professional spheres of life.


Ms. Hanna Joseph (B.Tech, MBA, Ph.D. (Pursuing))

Mr.Adarsh P.R (MBA) (6 years experience)


We believe that Soft skills are not just the icing on the cake but the cake itself!! Thus the programme is born out of our desire to articulate this point of view and be a part of this educational process that produces top notch professionals. The foundation of Soft Skills lie in strong Attitude – this Attitude gets manifested as communication which gets further refined as etiquettes. It covers a wide range of topics such as:-  Positive Attitude towards oneself and towards the group, Moral Values, Taking Ownership, Team building skills, Leadership, Body language, Time Management,  Stress Management, Interview Techniques, Group Discussions and Debates, Presentation Skills, Personal Accountability, Professional ethics and Code of Conduct.

 SCS(Student Counselling Service)

Student Counselling Service aims to help the students gain understanding and insight into any difficulties they may be experiencing, to develop emotional resilience and put into effect real change, enabling them to fulfil their potential. This Service is a very vital programme of the education team. They help all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/ social development and career development ensuring today’s students become the productive well- adjusted adults of tomorrow.

Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies is yet another prestigious undertaking of Irinjalakuda Diocesan Educational Trust (IDET) managed by Syro- Malabar Catholic Diocese of Irinjalakuda.


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