SahrdayaLinways AMS streamlines Admission process, Academic workflow and Learning process. A multi-beneficiary internet based digital repository, the AMS is participatory in nature,linking teachers, students and parents.Requirements of Outcome Based Education are fulfilled through user friendly interfaces, easy navigation tools, activity logs and end-user reports. Unique log in accounts are created for users. Student attendance (weekly/ monthly/course wise) management, courseware sharing, online assignment submission, online assessments and exams, evaluation reports and rank lists are some of the key features. Parents have access to student attendance interface as well as exam reports.Notifications of activities and events will also be regularly posted. Teachers and students can make use of the college library facility through AMS.Designed to make work and study
flexible, the platform aims at refining the ICT skills of users and make them digitally competent, in addition to creating a transparent, collaborative and automated teaching-learning environment to upskill classroom based methodology.