Department of Geology

Geology is an interdisciplinary subject that helps in investigating and finding answers to many practical questions of daily importance, as well as those that have long-term consequences. This subject helps to understand essentiality of eco-friendly aspects, thereby promoting environment-friendly living as a model to society and our beloved ones. Probably, it is one of the most important discipline of the 21st century as outlined by various international organizations like United Nations Environmental Programme, World climate summits, etc. Moreover, it enhances practical skills, problem-solving skills, self-confidence and scientific temper for a better career.

The department started offering Three-year B.Sc. Geology course with Chemistry & Mathematics as coplementary in 2016 as a primary programme to meet the growing demand for the geosciences in the contemporary world.


The Department of Geology seeks to provide the highest level of education in order to produce well-trained academic and professional Geoscientists capable of responding to social needs.


To develop critical thinking, enthusiasm, resourcefulness in young minds to become socially committed individuals and lifetime learners.



Courses offered

  • B.Sc. Geology


  • Enthusiastic and effective teaching and encourage the best undergraduates to pursue post-graduate studies.
  • Innovative and transformative studies
  • Maintain national standards and international comparability of academic standards

  • Service to humanity through expansion and dissemination of geoscience knowledge.

Facilities and Amenities

The Department has a well-equipped & highly configured Geology lab for Crystallography, Petrology, Mineralogy, Paleontology, and Structural Geology and Geoinformatics, ready to engage the students during their lab hours. The students are permitted to work during the hours specified in their timetable and the extra hours are conducted for the students for their qualification enrichment.