Postgraduate Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies started its journey in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science(BSc) Degree programme. We started our Postgraduate programmes, M.Sc. General Psychology in 2015 and M.Sc. Clinical Psychology in 2017. These three programmes are currently running successfully with a high pass percentage. Our students also scored top ranks which gives Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies a noticeable position in Calicut University in the realm of Psychology. We also have highly experienced, dedicated and efficient faculty to train our students according to the prescribed curriculum of the University of Calicut. Sahrdaya college is also unique because of the fact that it has the only Psychology department under Calicut University offering two PG programmes. The postgraduate department of Psychology at Sahrdaya offers a student-friendly environment that helps in moulding the character of its students in order to make them future dedicated citizens as well as excellent mental health professionals that work for the betterment of society.


  • B.Sc Psychology

  • M.Sc Psychology

  • M.Sc Clinical Psychology


Transforming the students towards wholeness through professional education and ultimately moulding the students to become skilled Psychologists.


To generate interest in the science of Psychology, to develop the skill to manage Psychological problems, to understand the importance of wellbeing and deal the fellow beings with empathetic understanding.


Make the psychology learn, know and love to become professional.


  • To generate suitable formation of students towards self-awareness and personal assimilation.

  • To generate interest in science of psychology

  • To provide theoretical knowledge about systems and processes like intelligence, attitude, memory, personality, stress management etc

  • To understand the importance of well being which allows people to understand what makes life worth living.

  • To acquire efficiency in different areas of Psychology.

  • To reach out to the needy, poor and marginalized with respect to their social, emotional, financial and psychological need.


The department of psychology of Sahrdaya provides opportunities for attending Regional, National and International Seminars conducted in various colleges. And also help them to get more experience and familiar with research. The department also provides opportunities to attend seminars and workshops which give more exposure to the students in those particular topics and also include programs like:

  • Old age home visits
  • Special school visits
  • Mental health centres
  • Visit to homes of nearby patients with cerebral palsy, patients in palliative care, intellectual disability.