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Nature Club

The Nature Club aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature among students and encouraging them to participate in a variety of conservation initiatives. Todays’ students are more connected to people all over the world but less connected to nature. The Nature club in our college teaches students to love nature and sorts out some activities which help them to connect to our Mother Earth. Due to various anthropogenic activities, the environment has been subjected to irreparable damages. If we do not take immediate measures to preserve and rescue nature, it will have a reverse and negative impact upon us. The environment and the resources in it is to be protected at any cost. The protection of the environment is the primary concern of the Nature Club. The Nature Club conducts various activities such as Green Campus projects, Seminars, Vegetable gardening, Vermicomposting and many other activities.




Since the 1970s, the rate of plastic production has grown faster than that of any other material. If historic growth trends continue, global production of primary plastic is forecasted to reach 1,100 million tonnes by 2050.These single-use plastic products are everywhere. For many of us, they have become an integral part of our daily lives.Systemic change is needed to stop the flow of plastic waste ending up in the environment.

With all these factors in mind, national service scheme along with the  nature club of Sahrdaya College of Advanced studies duly observe World environment day on 5th June 2023 at 9AM in the central auditorium.

The programme started with a prayer by the college choir, followed by a Holy Scripture reading related to nature by Mr, Joseph MG IBcom Fintech. Thought of the day was presented by Ms Abhirami, IBCom Fintech. Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan, the Exe. Director SCAS inaugurated the day by handing over the sapling to the college Principal, Dr. Mathew Paul Ukken. During the address he pointed out the drastic usage of plastic among teenagers.

Dr.Mathew Paul Ukken delivered the Environment day message and reminded the students to stay away from use and throw culture. The chief guest was Mr. Premkumar K, well known nature activist and writer as well as the Director of Moozhikulam Sala.He enlightened the students about natural living and the lifestyle that we have to follow to attain SDG by 2030 . The session was highly inspiring and motivating. Vice principal Dr. Joy K L, honoured  the chief guest  . After that, Dr. Rani M J administered the Environment day pledge to the students. Mr Aflah from IMathematics proposed a vote of thanks. Ms Heerakrishna and Ms.Rosalind were also present in the programme. All 2nd semester students and 3rd year BCom BBA students and all PG students participated in the programme.   All 2nd semester students and 3rd year BCom BBA students and all PG students participated in the programme.


The inauguration of Nature Club of Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies, Kodakara for the academic year 2022-23 was held on 12th July 2022 at 10 am in the seminar hall. The programme commenced with a prayer by college choir. Ms Sreelakshmi N R, Nature Club Coordinator, delivered the welcome address. Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan, Executive Director, SCAS, delivered the presidential address. He shared insightful thoughts on the importance of conserving nature. Dr. Mathew Paul Ukken, Principal, SCAS, delivered the principal’s message and he talked about the need of having a nature club in the college. The chief guest Dr. Manju N J, Asst. Professor and Coordinator of Bhoomitrasena Club, Christ College Irinjalakuda inaugurated the programme by handing over a sapling to the student coordinators of Nature Club and conveyed the inaugural address. After the inaugural session, an awareness talk was conducted on the topic “Environmental analysis and awareness – Need of the hour” by Dr. Manju N J. The session was fruitful and it helped the students to know more on environment and the protective measures to be done for a better tomorrow. The programme was concluded with a vote of thanks by Nature Club member Joel Vinson. After the programme, the saplings handed over were planted in the college campus.

  • VANA-JALA MITHRAThe International Day of Forests, also known as World Forests Day, is celebrated each year on March 21 to raise awareness about the importance of forests and trees for the survival of humanity and the planet.The theme for International Day of Forests 2023 is forests and health.World Water Day is observed on March 22 each year to emphasize the significance of water and to create awareness about the global water crisis which aims to provide access to clean water and sanitation for everyone by 2030. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about water-related issues, such as water pollution, water scarcity, insufficient water supply, and inadequate sanitation. The objective is to inspire individuals to manage freshwater resources sustainably and take necessary actions to address these issues.This year 2023, the World Water Day theme is Accelerating Change” to accelerate the change required to solve the water and sanitation crises.As a part of International Forest and Water Day, nature club of Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies organized  a programme -’ JALA VANA MITHRA’ on 24th March 2023 at 11 am in the Seminar Hall,to ensure the responsibility towards the environment in our daily life. The programme was inaugurated by the Exe. Director Rev.Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan by handing over a medicinal plant ‘Neela koduveli’ to Mr.Jeswin Stanly A ,the student coordinator of the nature club. Dr.Mathew Paul Ukken delivered a message on the themes of these two days. Dr. Kl Joy ,Vice Principal, was felicitated for the programme. A session on“Environment Factors’was led by Ms.Ashitha T A, Asst.Professor, Dept of Social Work .It was a very useful and entertaining session. Mr. Joyal Vincent proposed a vote of thanks to one and all.

    The members planted medicinal plants(Collected from Oushadhi, Kuttanelloor)in and around the existing herbal garden of SCAS. Students made arrangements to provide water to the birds in the very hot summer by placing water filled pots in different places on campus.

World Environment Day programme – “SigNature 2021” was inaugurated on 4th of June, 2021 at 9.30 am in SCAS central auditorium by Smt. Ambili Soman (President, Kodakara Grama Panchayat) in the auspices of Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan (Executive Director), Dr. Mathew Paul Ukken (Principal), Dr. Rani M.J (Vice Principal), Rev. Fr. Shaju Chirayath (Finance Officer) and Asst. Prof. Savio Fernandez (HoD- Human Excellence Department). The chief guest Ms. Ambily Soman (Panchayath President, Kodakara), inaugurated the function by planting a sapling of ‘Neer Maruthu’ in the campus. She shared the memories of the active environment lover “Sundarlal Bahuguna” and expressed in her words that the environment will exist even without human being to live without an appropriate ecosystem. After the inaugural ceremony, sapling distribution was done by Dr. Mathew Paul Ukken”. Dr. Rani M J proposed Vote of Thanks and reminded the staff about the importance of cleanliness of surroundings for a new beginning of restoration. An Environmental Quiz was held on 3rd June, 2021 in which many students from various departments participated. The objective of the quiz competition was to challenge the students to test their environmental literacy. The quiz was based on multiple choice answer modes. After the stipulated time for closing, all those students who scored 60 percent and above were awarded with E-certificates. The Human Excellence Department conducted a webinar on the topic “Biomedical waste management system” on 4th June, 2021 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm for second semester U G students. Dr. Mathew Paul Ukken (Principal) delivered the welcome address, followed by the presidential address of Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan (Executive Director). The resource person for the webinar was Mr. M A Baiju (Chief Environmental Engineer, Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Ernakulam). Dr.Rani M J felicitated the efforts taken for celebrating World Environment Day. The programme was concluded by vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Rohit P S (1 B.Sc Computer Science). The inauguration of Nature Club for the academic year 2021-22 was held on 20th October 2021 at 11.30 am in the AV room. Dr. Sreejith K A, Senior Scientist & HOD, Dept. of Forest Ecology, KFRI, Peechi was the distinguished guest of the day. Dr. Rani M.J (Vice Principal) welcomed the gathering and Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan (Excecutive Director) made the presidential address which was followed by a message from Dr. Mathew Paul Ukken (Principal). Ms Aswathy Chandran (Nature club Coordinator) introduced the chief guest. Dr. Sreejith K A inaugurated session and delivered a talk about “Conserving Nature: The Way Forward”. The session was attended by first year science students and faculties. The session ended at 12:15 pm with a vote of thanks by Prof. Davis K J (Head, Dept of Geology).


  • Davis K J – Convenor
  • Aswathy Chandran – Co-ordinator
  • Committee Members – Ms. Sreelakshmi N R, Ms. Linju C
  • Student Committee Members – Ayeesha Rafeeque-2nd Year Geology, Thomson Jose – 2nd Year Chemistry, Liya Thara – 2nd Year Psychology, Jeswin Stanly A – 1st Year Physics, Amrutha Nair – 1st Year Psychology

Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies, Kodakara observed The World Environment Day on 5th June 2020. In a solemn function organized in the campus, Executive Director Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan addressed the staff, and urged everyone to stay close to nature. Rev. Father also reminded the staff of their sacred responsibility to develop an environmental – friendly younger generation and stressed on the fact that we are the custodians of the environment and are obliged to hand it over safe and sound to our successors. In strict adherence to the theme “Celebrating Bio-diversity”, Dr. Rani M J (Vice Principal) inaugurated the sapling distribution and handing over the first sapling to Mr. Pauly V R, Sr. Accountant. As a part of environmental day celebrations, the theme of the year “Celebrating Bio-diversity” was passed to students as a message through classes taken by the Human Excellence Department. Ms. Vaishnavi from the Professional Courses Department delivered a talk along with a power point presentation on the positivity of shutting down everything due to Covid 19 and how it positively impacted nature. As a part of developing an eco-friendly campus, nurturing of pets were also done in the college compound.


  • Ms. Rosalind  Manjooran – Convenor
  • Ms. Sinimol P J- Joint Convenor
  • Ms. Dhanya Varghese – 2nd year  B.Sc PHYSICS


Date : 06/04/2022


In association with the Decennial celebration of Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies, a 10 year green campus initiative named “SOUHRDA-AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK PROJECT” was launched by college on 6th April 2022. This project was jointly organised by Nature Club and the NSS unit of Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies. The programme was held in the seminar hall. The programme was commenced with a prayer followed by welcome address given by NSS programme officer, Mr. Akhil Anto. The introductory message and presidential address were delivered by the respected Principal Dr. Mathew Paul Ukken and the Executive Director Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan respectively.  Later, Mr. Sujith P.G, Agricultural Officer of Mobile Soil Testing lab, Thrissur, lectured on the topic integrated farming.  In this session he talked about different methods of integrated farming, how it will conversely help both the vegetables and the animals, and also explained about the simplest method for testing the quality of soil without any machines. Subsequently Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan honoured the chief guest Mr. Sujith P. G by presenting a plant as a token of appreciation. Finally, Sreelakshmi N R, Nature Club Coordinator delivered vote of thanks. After the session, all the Nature Club members and NSS volunteers were directed to the college premises for setting a vegetable garden. Students were directed to fill the growbags with soil mixed with all the necessary supplements. Saplings were planted in each growbag and were watered. All Nature Club members participated actively and planted hundred saplings of different kinds of vegetables. Mr. Akhil Anto, Mr. Ajeesh Paul, Ms. Mariya Anto, Ms. Linju C, and Ms. Sreelakshmi were always present for guidance and help throughout the programme. Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan also accompanied by planting few saplings. All of the schedule was round up by 12:30 in the noon. The participants were first year Nature Club members (29) and first year NSS volunteers (48).



Date : 06/04/2022

In connection with the Decennial celebration of Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies Kodakara, the college has launched a ten year Green Campus initiative, “SOUHRDA- AGRICULTURE AND LIVE STOCK PROJECT”. The programme was jointly coordinated by Nature Club and NSS of the college. The participants were first year Nature Club members (34) and first year NSS volunteers (37). The session started with a prayer. It was followed by a welcome speech by Ms. Mariya Anto (NSS Assistant Programme Officer). The introductory message was delivered by Dr. Mathew Paul Ukken (Principal, SCAS). The presidential address was delivered by Executive Director of SCAS, Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan. The inauguration of the programme and inaugural address was done by Smt. Ambily Soman (Panchayat President, Kodakara). The programme was facilitated by Rev. Fr. Anto Vattoly (Finance officer, SCAS). Leaders of both Nature Club and NSS along with NSS Programme Officer Mr. Akhil Anto visited five families in the adopted village (Ward no. 16) as part of the project to distribute rabbits. Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Linju C (Nature Club Coordinator). The session ended at 4:00 pm

Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies, Kodakara observed World Environment Day on 5th June 2020. In a solemn function organized on the campus, Executive Director Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan addressed the staff and urged everyone to stay close to nature. Rev. Father also reminded the staff of their sacred responsibility to develop an environment–friendly younger generation and stressed the fact that we are the custodians of the environment and are obliged to hand it over safe and sound to our successors. In strict adherence to the theme “Celebrating Bio-diversity”, Dr. Rani M J (Vice Principal) inaugurated the sapling distribution, handing over the first sapling to Mr. Pauly V R, Sr. Accountant.


  • Ms. Rosalind Manjooran -Convenor
  • Ms. Savitha Vijayan – Joint Convenor
  • Ms. Anjana Joy-2nd year BBA

On 5th June 2018, on World Environment Day, Nature club organized a seminar on Save Nature Save future by Mr. P. R. Prasadan, Grama Panchayat President, Kodakara who implemented plastic waste management successfully. Saplings were also distributed among students and staff as a promotion of protecting our mother earth. Venue of the program was SCAS Central Auditorium and around 2000 students attended the same.


  • Ms. Rosalind Manjooran-Convenor
  • Ms.Sindhu Thomas -Convenor
  • Ms.Surumi Shajahan -3rd year finance


  • Ms.Shiji V K-Convener
  • Ms.Sini Paulson-Convener
  • Ms.Akhila S Nair-2nd year Bsc.PSYCOLOGY


  • Ms.Sunitha Satheesh-Convener
  • Mr.Daniel Francis-Convener
  • Ms.Able Maria Pauly-2nd year BSC.PSYCOLOGY

Nature Club Activities

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