Department of Chemistry

At Sahrdaya college of advanced studies, the Chemistry Department was formed in 2015. In our department, we are committed to preparing competitive and professional graduates within an innovative and intellectually stimulating environment. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or B.Sc Chemistry is an undergraduate course that introduces students to the fundamentals of chemical sciences. It is a 3-year course and is divided into 6 semesters with complementary subjects which mathematics and physics.

Courses offered

  • B.Sc. Chemistry


With new knowledge we create remarkably new molecules, materials, tools and things for the benefit of science and society.


The department emphasizes an enhancement in the knowledge level and intellectual level of students where they can integrate and apply their skills and knowledge they have learnt in their courses to pursue higher studies in chemistry or related sciences as well as shape their talents for a better living.

Add-on Course: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

There are various areas of study included in the higher studies after B.Sc in Chemistry which include the following

  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Inorganic Chemistry

  • Physical Chemistry

  • Theoretical Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Materials Chemistry

  • Nuclear Chemistry

Career Opportunities after Higher studies in Chemistry

  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Biomedical Chemistry

  • Quality Controller

  • Safety Health and Environment Specialist

  • Teacher
  • Chemical Engg Associate
  • Industrial Research Scientist
  • Lab Chemist