Students are the most important stakeholders for an educational institution. Their role and participation in institutional decision making can have a huge impact.  This committee is encouraged to offer comments and suggestions to IQAC on institutional decision making. The students wing of IQAC is a vibrant group of students who work closely with IQAC. Feedback and suggestions from SQAC are the main driving force in implementing Student centric Quality initiatives of the institution.


The primary aim of SQAC is

  • To develop a culture of responsibility and involvement in the activities of the institution.
  • Take part in decision making process and disseminate the instructions from IQAC to student community.


  • To encourage student participation in the IQAC’s different Quality Enhancement programs
  • To coordinate with departments for monitoring academic activities such as curriculum delivery, syllabus completion and activities
    related to learners centric environment etc
  • Assist IQAC in organizing Seminars, Conference, Workshop, Industrial Visits, Field Visits, and Internships
  • Assist IQAC in obtaining feedback from various stakeholders
  • Identification of strength and weakness of the programme and suggest for improvement
  • Assist IQAC in collection of data relating to students activities, placement, resource persons etc
  • General assistance to the IQAC in the other matters as deemed necessary