Physical Education Department

Department of Physical Education started functioning during the academic year 2016 – 17 academic year. The following members have served as faculty in the Department: – Miss Annamma Titus, Mr. Sumeshan Pillai, and Dr. Sebi Jose.

Courses offered

  • Department Offering Open Course in Physical Education (Physical activity Health and Wellness)

  • COFE : (College Fitness Education) Programme Started in our college for UG students to improve their health fitness and reduce stress


To give opportunities and experiences for all the students that lead to the achievement of total wellness and result in longer and healthier life. Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth in the areas of fitness, outdoor recreation, public health, coaching, wellness, and sports participation.


We dedicate ourselves to the mission of training Students excellence in Sports and Games, development of skills, and character formation based on the love of God, and service to the society and country.

Add on Course OFFERED

  • Department is offering Add on course in Yoga and Health care for all first year students


  • Be given the opportunity to engage in worthwhile and meaningful activities which promote active and healthy lifestyles.

  • Participate in fitness assessments that provide valuable reflection of past and current ability levels in addition to serve as the basis for determining future potential.

  • Learn how to make healthy choices as they relate to the total health of one’s own body

  • Enhance student’s participation in sports activities of the college and achieve University, National, and International price winners for the college.