Gender Friendly

The institution gives utmost importance to gender equality and takes several initiatives in that direction which is described below:
I. Safety and Security:
• The college administration understands that it is very important to feel safe for a student coming from different regions of India, who is choosing our campus to pursue his career. For the purpose, 24 hour security from external entities is provided in the campus through security guards. A
college identity card is provided to every student at the time of admission and security guard at entrance gates of the campus ensures that only legitimate student should enter into the campus by checking identity card and the student properly.
• Improving student profile through inclusive practices towards gender and social sensitization by organizing meetings, seminars, workshops and social events providing a platform of equal opportunity and co-existence.
• Ramp is been constructed at all the blocks in campus to support the Physical challenged students.
• Orientation Program is being organized every year for newcomers students to help them to cope up from college life to a life of responsible adult.
• Uniform and Id is compulsory for the students and faculty  to ensure that only genuine student should enter into the campus by checking identity card and the student properly.
• Orientation program for fresh graduates and introduces them to the new higher education environment and helps them to cope up from school life to a life of responsible adulthood.

• Personalized Mentorship and counseling programs that give support and thrust towards progression to higher education and placement.
• Infrastructure that is reflective of gender-specific needs and creation of private spaces for faculty, students, and other staff to meet their needs.
• Hi-Tech Surveillance system: E- Surveillance with high resolution cameras through day and night facility of distributed recording in the control room has been set up in the campus; entry of unwanted elements is monitored through these cameras.

• All the college buses have male/female faculty in-charges to look after the discipline in the bus.

• Self defense workshops are organized for girls.
• Women Development cell organizes various awareness programs for woman safety and security. A girl student or female faculty and staff member can register their complaint with/without name to the woman grievance cell without any pressure. The cell then constitutes a committee to investigate the matter and ensure that the complaint is resolved up to the satisfaction level of the complainant.
• Leaves to the girl students are granted by the Mentor after concerning with their parents. The student also makes an entry in the register available in the guard room before leaving the campus.
• Information regarding availability of support systems with respect to various gender equity issues is prominently displayed on all the notice boards and prominent places in the campus for easy access to students.
• Fire extinguishers, Fire fighting Hydrant are installed at accessible points to keep the labs and campus safe from any fire hazards.

II. Counselling:
• Women empowerment cell promotes women emancipation through capacity and confidence building programs.

• The cell also assists women in their struggle for economic, social, cultural, political and mental Empowerment.
• For every ten students one faculty mentor is assigned to council, motivate students to perform well in their academics and placements.
• Awareness programs are conducted to all the students regarding various rights of women.
• Institution has a primary health centre with a professional counselor who conducts health awareness programs for students.
• Regular counseling is being done under tutorial classrooms for individuals.
• Special counseling sessions are conducted by guest counselors.

III. Common Room:
• The institution provides separate common room for girls with the following facilities:
➢ Beds, and mattresses
➢ Chairs
➢ Toilets
➢ Newspapers
➢ Magazines
➢ Notice boards
➢ Few Indoor games
➢ Sanitary Napkin Vending machine
• Care takers are appointed to the common rooms to cater to the small needs of the students.
• In each block of the College separate washrooms are available for girls and boys .24 hour’s water is available with proper ventilation in the washroom.

III Feeding Room:

A college campus may not seem like a place that requires extensive lactation support. But while most undergraduates don’t have children, several populations within these higher-education environments — graduate students, faculty, staff, visitors  may need access to breastfeeding and pumping spaces. Current students and employees of  the institution have access to an Infant Feeding Room on campus.