Human Excellence Department

The leading corporate demand for skilled candidates promoted the formation of HUMAN EXCELLENCE DEPARTMENT in the year 2019. This unique department offers students a complete in-house course, covering the gap between theoretical studies and practical job requirements.

The Human Excellence Department focusses on areas of skill enhancement like Communicative Skills especially in English ,Training for acing the Competitive Exams, help students develop on Soft Skills and proper etiquettes with a Vibrant Mind   and Body through the Counseling Cell, ultimately leading them to a strong Placement and Training Cell.

The Human Excellence Department aims at developing new age skills, increasing employment opportunities and career development opportunities with contemporary knowledge, promoting Personal growth and Personality development through mental health and well being of the students.

To impart knowledge and skills to excel in all spheres of life; personal, social and professional.


To inculcate social and professional values and ethics through experiential learning in the upcoming generation.