Covid Cell

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Covid Cell

The spread of novel Coronavirus, or Covid-19 as it is commonly referred ,is rapid and ongoing engulfing the whole world. The first case of Covid-19 in India was reported in Thrissur, Kerala, on January 30, 2020, when a young medical student was presented to the hospital with a one-day history of dry cough and sore throat after returning from Wuhan, China. At the initial stage itself, the Government of Kerala boosted its health and hygiene department and took the necessary steps to contain the community spread and the patients were kept in isolation. When a catastrophe strikes the nation unawares, panic grips the people and the student community who are vulnerable feel insecure and have a difficult time coping with the situation. Considering this, authorities at Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies decided to establish a Covid Cell in the College to timely assess the situation and educate the students about the disease and its prevention.

  1. Ms.Shiji V K ( Convenor)
  2. Mr.Christopher Louis ( Joint Convenor)
  3. Dr.Rani M J
  4. Dr.Joy K L
  5. Ms. Rosalind Manjooran
  6. Ms. Arya Shaji
  7. Mr.Robi Thomas
  8. Ms. Manju Manithan
  9. Mr.Varghese G Poovathukkaran

Chairman (Ex – officio)                                       : Rev Dr Devis Chenginiyadan (Exe. Director)

Chairman                                                                : Dr.Mathew Paul Ukken (Principal)

Vice Chairman                                                      : Dr.Rani M J (Vice Principal)

Convenor                                                               : Fr Sebin Edattukaran (Director , Sports Academy)

Co – coordinator                                                    : Ms Shiji V K (Fine Arts Co-ordinator)

Joint Co-ordinator                                                 : Christopher Louis (Department of Commerce)

Secretary                                                                 : Ms Rosalind Manjooran (Student Counsellor)

Members :

Fr Anto Vattoly (Finance Officer)

Jikson Jose ( Department of Commerce)

Dr K L Joy (Vice Principal)

Dr Paul Chacko  (Department of Physical Education)

Mr  Akhil Anto (N.S.S Co-ordinator)

Mr Anoop MR (N.C.C Co-ordinator)

Ms Savithri M (Women Development Co-ordinator)

Ms Priyanka Verma(Student Counsellor)

Mr Varghese G Poovathukaran( Lab Assistant)

Ms Litty Antony (C M O)

Mr Robin Thomas (Office Staff)

Ms Manju Manithan  (Supporting Staff)

Chairman (Ex – officio)                                          : Rev Dr Devis Chenginiyadan(Exe. Director)

Chairman                                                                   : Dr.Mathew Paul Ukken(Principal)

Vice Chairman                                                          : Dr.Rani M J(Vice-Principal)

Convenor                                                                   : Fr Sebin Edattukaran (Director, Sports  Academy)

Co-ordinator                                                             : Mr.Midhun Murali  (Department of Malayalam)

Secretary                                                                    : Ms Rosalind Manjooran (Student Counsellor)

Members :

Fr Shaju Chirayath(Finance Officer)

Dr K L Joy(Vice Principal)

Dr Paul Chacko(Department of Physical Education)

Mr  Akhil Anto (N.S.S Co-ordinator)

Mr Anoop MR(N.C.C Co- ordinator)

Ms Shiji V K(Fine Arts Co-ordinator)

Ms Savithri M(Women Development Co-ordinator)

Mr Varghese G Poovathukaran(Lab Assistant)

Ms Litty Antony (C M O)

Mr Robin Thomas (Office Staff)

Ms Manju Manithan  (Supporting Staff)

Fr Shaju Chirayath  (Nodal Officer)

Mr Akhil Anto (Co-ordinator)

Prof.Simon A K

Ms Geeni K I

Mr Paul K Antony

Covid Cell Activities

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