Postgraduate Department of English

      The Department of English, SCAS started functioning along with the inception of college in 2012. It studies and teaches literature written in English from all periods and places. Our teaching depends on the wide range and depth of our expertise, with our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering literature from the early middle ages through to the contemporary world of global literatures in English along with the complementary courses in Indian History and Journalism. We prepare our graduates to enter a wide variety of employment fields, including communications, media, publishing editing, teaching, bibliotherapy, textual computing and many others. Our department provides students with writing and reading skills that undergird their studies and professional lives. Our students engage with and transform public culture through creative work and literary, linguistic, and cultural analysis. The department’s richest inheritance, however, is its collegiality: we pride ourselves on our friendliness, and on our common enthusiasm for great literature.





Literary Empowerment


To expedite literary empowerment by nurturing critical thinking and research aptitude of the student and staff fraternity.


  • To harness literary empowerment as a paradigm for intellectual
    well-being, social welfare and quality living to mould global citizens.

  • To cultivate understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of the English language, its speakers and writers, and its literatures and cultures, such that students and department members use the language creatively, critically, and effectively to participate ethically in civic and professional life.

  • To develop and deliver teaching, learning and research programmes that equip students with the requisite language and literary knowledge and skills that will make them effective in their job situations, and to advance the general understanding of what it means to be human.


  •  To read diverse literary works and develop an appreciation of their aesthetic qualities and insights into human experiences.

  • To acquire an understanding of the formal, historical, and theoretical aspects of literary and English language study and creative writing, including attention to form and genre, intertextuality, literary history and periods, critical theory and schools, grammatical and syntactical structures, individual voice and style, and diversity.

  • To demonstrate a thorough understanding of concepts and a mastery of skills, applicable to a variety of careers and life experiences through curricular and extracurricular projects and activities.


Studying English literature opens up a world of inspiration and creativity, while also developing skills that are essential for today’s global environment. It is a chance to discover how literature makes sense of the world through stories, poems, novels and plays. It is also a chance to sharpen your own ability to write, read, analyze and persuade. The Department of English at Sahrdaya offers extensive reading and writing, students in our develop their skills of analysis, interpretation and self-expression. They receive a thorough introduction to essential literary genres (novels, poems, criticism) and study the work of great canonical authors (Shakespeare, Milton, Austen, Dickens) as well as contemporary ones. Advanced seminars expose students to new horizons, such as translation and creative writing, and invite them to consider various special topics in literary study: literature and gender, literature and the visual arts, literature and religion and so on.

For the undergraduate students the department offers Add-on certifications including BEC(Business English Certificate) Preliminary -B1 level, FCE(First Certificate in English)-B2 level and CAE(Cambridge English: Advanced)-C1 level. For students who already have an undergraduate degree, we offer MA program with Add-on certifications including BEC(Business English Certificate) Preliminary -B1 level and FCE(First Certificate in English)-B2 level.


Any candidate who has passed the Plus Two of the Higher Secondary Board of Kerala or Pre Degree of Calicut University or that of any other University or Board of Examinations in any state recognized as equivalent to the Plus Two of the Higher Secondary Board in Kerala, with not less than 45% marks in aggregate is eligible for admission, However, SC/ST, OBC and other eligible communities shall be given relaxation as per University rules.


  • Distinctive academic curriculum with well qualified and experienced faculty members.

  • State of the art language lab including multimedia facilities,classrooms with audio-visual amenities  and concise department library.

  • Upholds an outcome based education which is a student centric education system.

  • A comprehensive approach to student development through imparting specialised training in communication skills and regular platforms to hone their public speaking skills.

  • Imparts placement oriented training  and aptitude test preparatory  sessions enabling the students to outshine their campus life.

  • The students gain additional certifications issued by premier academic bodies along with their successful completion of courses.