Counselling Centre

Since its very beginning, Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies has laid enough emphasis on providing Counselling services to its students. The focus on imparting holistic education, nurturing inner potential and encouraging healthy personality development led to the establishment of Wellness Beats Counselling Cell, comprising of well qualified, trained and experienced Counsellors who provide guidance and counselling services to the students. The Cell aims at assisting students to discover themselves, i.e. their interests, aptitude, attitude and other personality characteristics. Students can voluntarily approach the Counsellor or through referral and are encouraged to speak out their thoughts and emotions freely, without any inhibition. Counsellor-Counselee relationship is strictly professional and goal-oriented under all circumstances. It is ensured that professional ethics is followed by the Counsellor, giving due consideration to maintaining confidentiality and following standardized counselling procedure.

Following activities are carried out under Wellness Beats Counselling Centre

  • One to one session of personal interaction with all the first year students in order to establish good rapport between the Counsellor and the students.

  • Individual Counselling

  • Group Counselling
  • Career guidance and Counselling

  • Classroom intervention

  • Soft skills and important life skills education sessions

  • Webinars and Seminars
  • Covid-19 pandemic Intervention for students and Community people

Wellness Beats Counselling Cell works towards assisting students in wise and informed decision making, attaining a better understanding of self, and dealing effectively with day to day problems, thereby managing stress and anxiety. In addition to that, various community programs are also organized by the Counsellors to ensure better awareness towards mental health in society at large. The significant role of Counsellors is further acknowledged during the Covid-19 pandemic as they constantly engage in helping the students, staff members, and community deal with negativity, uncertainty, and mental chaos.