Media Studies

The department started offering a three-year B.A. Graphic Design & Animation in 2023 as a primary programme to meet the growing demand for media experts in the era of new media and the gig economy.

Courses offered

  • B.A Graphic Design & Animation


“Empowering Media Minds”


“Transforming Tomorrow’s Visual Storytellers: Pioneering Excellence in Graphic Design,Animation, Film & VFX for Global Media Success”


🌍 The Department of Graphic Design & Animation aims to foster a culture of creative excellence, encouraging students to push the boundaries of artistic expression. We envision graduates who are not just technically proficient but also have a unique creative voice that sets them apart in the global media industry.

🌍 To keep pace with the rapidly advancing field of graphic design and animation, we will provide access to state-of-the-art technology, software, and tools. Our mission includes an environment where students can experiment with emerging technologies, ensuring they remain at the forefront of industry trends.

🌍 The BA Graphic Design & Animation program will continually evolve to stay aligned with the needs of the global media industry. We will collaborate with industry professionals to emphasizes practical skills, real-world projects, and industry internships.

🌍 Recognizing the global nature of media, we will promote an international perspective. Our vision includes opportunities for students to engage in cross-cultural projects, study abroad programs, and internships with global media companies.

🌍 In an era of information overload, we envision graduates who not only create captivating media but also do so with a strong ethical compass. Our program will instill values of responsible media creation and critical thinking.

🌍 Our department will be a hotbed of innovation, encouraging students and faculty to engage in research and development activities that drive advancements in graphic design and animation.

🌍 We envision our department actively engaging with local and global communities through outreach programs, workshops, and collaborations to make a positive impact through design and animation.

🌍 The Department of Graphic Design and Animation is to be a beacon of excellence in education, innovation, and creativity, preparing graduates to excel in the global media industry and shape the future of visual storytelling.


“To foster the professional development of our students in the Department of Graphic Design and Animation, ensuring their readiness for diverse global opportunities across film, publication, web, entertainment, edutainment, print, and other industry sectors while consistently adapting to the evolving demands of the media landscape.”

Key Objectives:

Skill Mastery: Provide students with a comprehensive education that equips them with the technical and creative skills required to excel in various media industries. This includes proficiency in graphic design, animation, multimedia production, and emerging technologies.

Industry-Relevant Training: The training to align with the evolving needs of film, publication, web, entertainment, edutainment, print, and related sectors. Ensure that students are well-versed in industry-standard software and practices.

Interdisciplinary Learning: Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and learning, allowing students to understand the interconnectedness of different media fields. This prepares them to work seamlessly across sectors and adapt to changing industry dynamics.

Real-World Exposure: Facilitate internships, industry partnerships, and collaborative projects that expose students to real-world challenges and opportunities within film, publication, web, entertainment, edutainment, print, and other domains.

Global Perspective: Promote a global mindset by integrating international case studies, projects, and exchange programs. This prepares students for cross-cultural work environments and global career prospects.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Foster an entrepreneurial spirit among students, encouraging them to explore innovative solutions and potentially start their ventures within the media industry.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices: Emphasize the importance of ethical and sustainable media production, ensuring that graduates are socially responsible professionals who contribute positively to their industries.

Placement and Career Support: Provide career counselling, job placement assistance, and professional development resources to help students transition smoothly into the media workforce and navigate diverse career opportunities.

“Sahrdaya, offers a groundbreaking Media Studies program “B.A. Graphic Design & Animation”, that serves as a gateway to a world of diverse opportunities across a spectrum of industries, including Film, Animation, Print, Online Media, Gaming, Engineering, Healthcare, Publication, Education, Entertainment, and beyond.

Through this comprehensive program, students gain a versatile skill set and a deep understanding of the interconnected nature of media in today’s dynamic landscape. We take pride in being a hub for aspiring media professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in an ever-evolving, multidisciplinary world.

Our commitment to fostering innovation, ethical practices, and global perspectives ensures that our graduates are not only adaptable but also well-prepared to make a meaningful impact in whichever industry they choose to pursue. Welcome to our Media Studies program “B.A. Graphic Design & Animation”, where limitless possibilities await.”

Why Sahrdaya offers “Media Studies”

The college has a well-furnished air-conditioned computer lab ready to engage the students during their lab hours. All the systems are with the latest configuration ably supported by its software. The students are permitted to work during the hours specified in their timetable and the extra hours are conducted for the students for their qualification enrichment.

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