Quiz and Debate Club

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Quiz and Debate Club

With an aim to instill curiosity and critical thinking skills among the students, the quiz and debate club was formed. The quiz and debate club of Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies offers an exciting platform to motivate, inspire and reward students’ quest for knowledge. It aims at developing healthy competitive spirit among the young and curious minds. Students from every department are encouraged to participate in various quiz and debates organized by the club on periodic intervals.

The club serves the following objectives:

  • To create a group of young minds with quizzing talent.
  • To lend hands to beginners and lead them to the world of knowledge.
  • To guide on specific areas of quizzing and encourage to participate in quiz competition
  • To expose the quizzing talents of students by involving them to conduct interdepartmental competitions.
  • To encourage and conduct periodical quizzes on specific topics.

The committee members are as follows:.

  1. Ms.Priyanka Varma(C)
  2. Ms.Mariya Joshi (Jc)
  3. Mr.Sathish Nair
  4. Ms.Parvathy G Menon
  5. Dr.Swapna C C ombath
  6. Ms.Anna Phoenix T.S
  7. Ms.Roselyn Alex
  8. Ms.Dona Das
  9. Ms.Linju C
  10. Ms.Jeena Jose k


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