The Enneagram is a personality assessment that explains an individuals motivations, basic desires, fears, tendencies and preferences. Unlike other personality frameworks, the Enneagram provides depth and tangible steps toward personal growth and intentional self improvement. Using the Enneagram in therapy can promote deep self discover and enrich the counseling process. The Enneagram can be thought of like a person’s individual mosaic. Everyone has different pieces of shape, color, and size that makes them unique, but it is up to the person to learn how to put those pieces together to create the wonderful mosaic their personality can become. At Mosaic Creative Counseling, we can help guide that process. Using the Enneagram Personality tool in therapy works best with adults and couples. For adults clients seeking individual therapy the Enneagram can help them reframe their relationship to anxiety, depression, trauma and toxic relationships. Adults who are using the Enneagram in therapy are able to understand themselves and others on a deeper level. The Enneagram is also a wonderful tool for couples counseling! It gives couples new understanding of each other and tools to solve communication problems in the future. Many Couples and Adults find the Enneagram gets them out of “feeling stuck” in life and “out of a rut” in their relationships. Because children and younger teens are still developing their unique personality this form of therapy might not be the best fit.