Objectives of the Practice:
• To identify students of different talents in arts and literature and to encourage them.
• To enable the students to participate in D-Zone, Inter Zone, South Zone and National competitions in art and literary items.
• To divert the energy of the students for creative purpose.
• To cultivate the spirit of love, cooperation and fraternity among students.
• To retain Indian classical art forms.

The Context
Along with the impeccable and immaculate attention to academic excellence, the institution allocates equal importance to co and extra-curricular activities that hone the budding talents of the students. The idea of a common flagship body to amalgamate the various art forms under the banner of Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies was conceived during late 2015 and was materialized in 2016. The major objective of such an initiative was to coordinate and conduct the cultural fests in the campus and thereby channel the inherent artistic talents of the students into the seven entities or Sadassu namely Chuvadu, Swaram, Natyam, Roopam, Aksharam, Niram, and Dhrushyam so that they can progress and thrive in their areas of artistic excellence. Sapthasadassu was thereby initiated. It works with its major objective, that of promoting fine arts among the students, bridging the gap between academia and art sphere. It is a confluence of pure artistry which provides the students an opportunity to unleash their talents.

The Practice
Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies provides an excellent opportunity for the students to hone their inherent skills in the field of arts. The institution is equipped with experienced faculty members specialized in various domains of arts carrying out domain specific and multidisciplinary artistic endeavours. The areas of focus include visual, music, literary and performance arts.
Uniqueness :
Selection: Students are identified based on their individual performance on the selection day which is coordinated as ‘Arts Desk’ during the admission procedures.
Option: The candidates can opt to join any Sadassu, based on their artistic interest and talent.
Grouping: The next step will be to assign the entire students and staff members into one of the Four Houses – Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby – which should be an equal distribution of members of the individual Sadassu.Office bearers in various capacities are to be elected from among students and staff.
Session: Regular training sessions for the students belonging to various Sadassu are scheduled for various events which are led by specialized trainers. A separate schedule is allotted for the students to practice which never affects their academic sessions. They are allowed to practice at the rooms designated for the same and their performance is monitored regularly and guided by the Sadassu in charges.
Provision: The students are entitled to participate and represent the institution in various university arts fests. They are provided with necessary equipments required for practice and financial aid if needed.
Counseling: Periodical counseling is provided for the students to look at victory and defeat equally and to balance their academic career. Constant motivation and guidance is provided to them by the Sadassu in charges.
Academics: The exposure and honing of artistic talents help a student to excel in his/her academics. Only very few instances of academic mediocrity have come to notice. These students are good at proving and establishing their prowess (academics & non-academics) simultaneously.
Evidence of Success:
The Institution provides ample opportunities to develop talents in different forms of art. In addition to the activities of the Fine Arts, students are encouraged to participate in competitions held outside the campus. The institution has marked its indelible representation in the University Arts fests. Banking on a tenacious performance over the past years, Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies, Kodakara, never misses to take a clear lead in the University of Calicut – D Zone Arts Fest. The institution then goes on to further its calibre in the South Zone – Inter-university and National Arts Fests in which the students stay steadfast with flying colours.
Problems Encountered and Resources Required:
A constant problem we encounter is the shortage of time because of the rigid academic schedule. With the introduction of the semester system and with introduction of many other extracurricular activities on the campus we are constrained to limit the activities within the time frame.