“SAPTHASADHAS”, as its name implies it includes seven forms of sadhas. i.e.;AKSHARAM,CHUVADU,NATYAM,SWARAM,ROOPAM,DRISHYAM,NIRAM.

After an interaction with students and teachers, we group the students as well as all staff into one of the seven sadhas. The SAPTHASADHAS will help to develop the co-curricular skills and subsequently the personality as a whole.

AKSHARAM includes all types of literary skills i.e.;versification,essay writing, story writing etc. CHUVADU includes all types of dance forms like bharathanatyam, mohiniyattam, kuchipudi, folkdance, groupdance, thiruvathira, oppana etc.NATYAM includes theatre like drama, skit and drama. SWARAM is all about singing competitions-eastern, western, classical music, mappilappatu, patriotic song, light music etc. ROOPAM is designated for clay modelling, postermaking, collage etc. DRISHYAM will help todevelop photography skills. NIRAM means colourPainting, pencil drawing skills can be improved by being in Niram.

In each sadhas, there are staff in-charges to co-ordinate the members. HR department gives instructions on how to organize the competitions. SAPTHASADHAS mainly aims to develop the hidden talents in students.