Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

CIMA is world’s leading professional body of Management Accountants. Management Accountants analyze financial information from management perspective (as opposed to compliance perspective e.g. in audit etc) to improve business performance. In that sense, it is business management function. CIMA provides CGMA designation, which is jointly offered by CIMA and CPA (USA).

In 2017, members of CIMA and AICPA formed the  Association of International    Certified Professional  Accountants to unite and strengthen the accounting  profession globally.

CIMA members are highly valued  in business because they can:

  • Guide critical business decisions
  • Provide valuable strategic advice
  • Combine financial expertise and business
  • Knowledge to create growth
  • Provide strong leadership and managerial skills
  • Successfully manage risk
  • Businesses need these skills more than ever to


  • CGMA: Since the tie up of CIMA & CPA which together give the CGMA Designation, your are sure to catch the eye of the recruiter
  • Networking: More than 4500 companies are the partner of CIMA around the world and 250000 members in around 180 countries, you get the advantage of exploring job opportunities or business opportunities.
  • Flexibility: CIMA has the flexibility for the students to study at their own pace and manage their work and study for optimum learning
  • Cost Effective: Registration, training and examination fee together can costs between Rs. 2 to 4 Lakhs depending upon your prior qualification.
  • Preferential Immigration Status: Due to the collaboration of CIMA with professional bodies CPA Australia, CIMA members get preferential immigration status abroad.




E1: Managing Finance in Digital World

P1: Management Accounting

F1: Financial Reporting

Exam: 3 Objective type Exams and 1 Case study Exam

Award: CIMA Diploma in management Accounting (CIMA dip MA)


E2:Managing Performance

P2: Advanced Management Accounting

F2: Advanced Financial Reporting

Exam: 3 Objective Type Exams and 1 Case study Exam

Award: CIMA Advance Diploma in Management accounting (CIMA ADV DIP MA)


E3 Strategic Management

P3 Risk Management

F3 Financial Strategy

Exam: 3 Objective Type Exams and 1 Case study Exam

Commerce Department