PG Course Outcome

Subject Code Subject Name
MCM1C01 To familiarise students with the concepts of macro-economic in which a Business organization operates.
To give an idea about the policies of the government and assess their impact on business.
MCM1C02 To familiarise the students with the knowledge of corporate ethics
To enable the students to understand the emerging trends in good governance practices.
MCM1C03 To make students learn the process of applying appropriate quantitative techniques for validating findings
and interpreting results.
MCM1C04 To learn about management concepts and psychological process
MCM1C05 To enable students to understand apply tools, techniques and concepts in managerial decision making process
MCM2C06 To enable the students to gain ability to solve problems relating to holding company accounts, liquidation of companies and various other accounts.
MCM2C07 To learn about concepts of strategy and strategic management
MCM2C08 To enable the students to know the applications of Cost accounting tools,Techniques and concepts in managerial decision-making process.
MCM2C09 To learn about international business ,trade
MCM2C10 To familiarize students with concepts of management science and tools supporting decision making
MCM3C11 To acquaint the students with the basic analytical techniques and methods of financial management of  business organization.
MCM3C12 To enable students to understand computation of income under various heads, taxable income of various entities, tax planning and procedure of assessment.
MCM3C13 To enable students to identify research problems, collect and analyse data and present results.
MCM3C14 To make the students efficient in the area of derivatives, by giving them the knowledge of basics in
options, futures, swaps etc
MCM3C15 To acquaint the students with theoretical and practical knowledge of assessment and tax planning of different assesses.
MCM3EF01 To establish a conceptual framework for the study of security analysis and portfolio management. This
course will provide the students the ability to understand and utilize the skill of optimizing returns.
MCM3EF 02 To provide the students a sound information and knowledge of broad framework of financial markets and
MCM4EF03 To understand the concept and significance of international finance
MCM4 EF04 To build an understanding among students about the concepts, vital tools and techniques used for financial decision making by a business firm.