Student Council of SCAS is a body to promote quality in student life within and outside the College.The union members are mentored and guided by a Staff Advisors in commemorating festival days, conducting Arts and Sports competitions.The students’ voice in the affiliated University is represented by the Union councillors.As an elected body, the council has a legitimate right to speak for the students, and its responsibilities include issues of college life that require the consensus of its faculty and students. The student council is not only a representative body of the college but also organises all the programmes of the college including the highlight of every year.
1) To inculcate among the students the vision and mission of the College.
2) To identify, assess, evaluate and suggest the student perspectives in the development of Arts & Culture, Sports & Games, and other co-curricular activities.
3) To support and promote the different clubs and groups.
4) To encourage and initiate inter-departmental projects.
5) To encourage volunteerism as a movement in the College.

Mr. Sethukrishna K.S

(Chairman,3rd Year BA English)

Ms. Christeena Thankachan
(Vice-Chairperson ,2nd Year MSc Psychology)​

Mr. Sabarikrishna K
(Secretary, 2nd Year MA English)

Mr. George Basil
(Joint Secretary,3rd Year BSc Maths)

Ms. Haritha K
(Fine Arts Secretary,3rd Year BA Malayalam)

Mr. Jax Shaji
(General Captain,3rd Year B.Com Professional)

Ms. Sneha K.R
(Magazine Editor,2nd Year BBA)

Ms. Sarah Santhosh
(University Union Councilor,2nd Year B.Com ACCA-A)

Mr. Sarath M
(University Union Councilor,2nd Year BSc Psychology)

Mr. Akshaj Sajeevan
(Representative,1st Year B.Com ACCA –A)

Mr. Johan Jose
(Representative,2nd  Year B.Com CMA U.S)

Mr. George Shon
(Representative,3rd Year BSc Geology)

Mr. Jones Anto
(Representative,1st Year MA English)