Programme Outcome

The goal of the B.Sc. Chemistry programme is to make the study of chemistry stimulating, relevant and interesting. It has been prepared with a view to equip students with the potential to contribute to academic and industrial environments.
The B.Sc. Chemistry programme enable the students

  • To understand basic facts and concepts in chemistry.
  • To apply the principles of chemistry.
  • To appreciate the achievements in chemistry and to know the role of chemistry in nature and in society.
  • To familiarize with the emerging areas of chemistry and their applications in various
  • Spheres of chemical sciences and to apprise the students of its relevance in future studies.
  • To develop skills in the proper handling of instruments and chemicals.
  • To familiarize with the different processes used in industries and their applications.
  • To develop an eco-friendly attitude by creating a sense of environmental awareness.
  • To be conversant with the applications of chemistry in day-to-day life.