General Guidelines


  1. It is obligatory for all students to become members of the College Library.
  2. The Library shall remain closed on Sundays, Second Saturdays & other Public Holidays.
  3. Books from Reference Section shall not be taken outside the Library. The use & issue of other books from the Library shall be governed by the following rules:-
  • 3.1     The student should satisfy himself/herself before leaving the issue counter  as to whether the book is in good condition or not. The borrower will be held responsible for any defect/damage found at the time of return of the document, if not recorded on it earlier, and will be liable to pay the penalty as decided by the competent authority/Librarian.
  • 3.2     Undergraduate students are allowed to take three books & Post graduate students may take six books at a time. Teaching staff are allowed to take ten books at a time while non-teaching staff can borrow three.
  • 3.3     Books may be kept for 14 days by the users including students, teaching & non-teaching staffs, but this period can be shortened in particular cases. They can be renewed for a further period of seven days if no one else has applied for the same books. The renewal should be done by the users themselves during 12th, 13th or 14th day of issue of books.
  • 3.4     The book(s) shall be returned on or before due date otherwise late fee/fine will be charged from all the borrowers @ Rs. 1 per day per book (including holidays). The book will be detained and the membership will be suspended till the payment of fine. Absence from the college will not be accepted as an excuse for not returning the books in time.
  • 3.5     Sub lending & transfer of books to someone else is not permitted.
  • 3.6     If a book is damaged, lost or spoiled, the member will have either to pay three times the price of the latest edition of the book or replace with a new copy. If the lost book is not available for replacement, value of the lost book will be realized at rates regulated by the Government.
  • 3.7     At the end of each term, all books must be returned three days before the closing of the term. In case of students appearing for semester examination, they should return the books three days before the last working day. All the books borrowed from the Library by the students as well as members of teaching & non-teaching staffs must be returned within the first week of March every year.
  • 3.8     Books not exceeding two may be borrowed for the Onam or Christmas holidays should be returned within three days after reopening.
  • 3.9     Issue of Transfer Certificate & refund of caution deposit are done only after clearing all Library dues.
  • 3.10   No book which has been prescribed as a textbook for a class shall be lent to the students during the period for which it is prescribed as a textbook.
  • 3.11   Readers should not mark, underline, write or tear pages or otherwise damage the library documents including books/magazines/journals etc.
  1. Readers shall keep silence within the Library premises.
  2. Personal belongings such as umbrellas, bags, tiffin carriers etc are to be kept

in the racks provided at the entrance of the Library. Sleeping and indecorous behavior are prohibited inside the Library.