Programme Outcome

Programme Outcome of BSc Physics

The goal of BSc. Physics Programme is to provide a strong foundation in fundamental physics concepts that form the very basis of advanced scientific inventions.  It also promote and provide opportunities to students for collaborative work and for experiential participation in advanced laboratories, independent research, internships etc.

The B.Sc. Physics programme enable the students :

  • Understand the basic concepts of fundamentals of mechanics, properties of
    matter and electrodynamics
  •  Understand the theoretical basis of quantum mechanics, relativistic physics,
    nuclear physics, optics, spectroscopy, solid state physics, astrophysics, statistical
    physics, photonics and thermodynamics
  • Understand and apply the concepts of electronics in the designing of different
    analog and digital circuits
  • Understand the basics of computer programming and numerical analysis
  • Apply and verify theoretical concepts through laboratory experiments