On August 14, 2023:  The students of the first semester  BA Graphic Design and Animation program, at Sahrdaya College organized a unique and interactive activity to celebrate Independence Day. The highlight of this celebration was the launch of an innovative “Freedom Calendar,” which served as an educational tool to commemorate the important dates of India’s freedom struggle. This calendar was designed to be interactive, allowing users to access an online database for further information about the freedom movement.

Activity Details:

The Freedom Calendar was meticulously crafted by the students, showcasing significant dates and events related to India’s journey to independence. The calendar was not just a physical artifact but also a digital gateway to historical knowledge. Here are the key elements of the activity:

Calendar Design: The students’ creative efforts resulted in a visually appealing and informative calendar. Each page of the calendar featured a specific date related to India’s freedom struggle, accompanied by illustrations and brief descriptions.

Interactive Features: The calendar was designed to be interactive. By using a smartphone or computer, anyone could scan the QR codes on each page to access an online database with comprehensive information about the corresponding historical event.

Online Database: The online database contained detailed articles related to the freedom movement. This added depth to the calendar, making it a valuable resource for those interested in learning more about India’s struggle for independence.

Launch Event: To mark the occasion, Rev. Dr. Devis Chenginiyadan, the Executive Director of Sahrdaya College, launched a specially created music video during the college’s morning assembly. The video celebrated the spirit of independence and emphasized the significance of the Freedom Calendar in preserving and passing on the legacy of India’s freedom fighters.

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