The PG Department of Commerce, English, and Management Studies of Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies, Kodakara in collaboration with IQAC, proudly presented ITHIHAS on 4th November 2023. The Post Graduate Department of Psychology of Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies in association with the ITHIHAS conducted an exhibition in the ground floor of the Admin Block and an extended version of the exhibition in the UG lab of psychology. A vibrant pavilion emerged on the ground floor of the administration block, becoming a focal point for both teachers and students. 103 enthusiastic participants, the pavilion served for offering a deeper dive into the expansive world of psychology.The Psychology Department’s pavilion showcased a multifaceted exploration into the realm of human understanding and behavior, encapsulating four distinctive elements: chart presentations, intelligence games, the expansive scope of psychology, and a spotlight on the luminaries who have shaped the discipline

Published On: November 6th, 2023Categories: Psychology department activities

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