Programme Outcome

Programme Outcome of BSc Geology

The student graduating with the Degree B.Sc. Geology should:

  • Acquire a solid base of knowledge in the science of geology as a whole as well as earth materials, earth history, geologic time scale, deformational processes, structural features, geomorphic processes and landforms.
  • Use compasses, survey instruments, and images in geological investigations
  • Interpret topographic maps, geologic maps and terrain models to create profiles and construct cross sections from them
  • Describe and interpret types of surfacial deposits and landforms
  • Apply principles of mathematics, chemistry, and physics to geologic problems
  • Recognize the importance of RS&GIS, and its approaches to describing the physical world
  • Understand the essentiality of eco friendly aspects, there by promoting environmental friendly living as a model to society and our beloved ones.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO1. Understand the nature and basic concepts of Physical geology, Geomorphology, and Historical Geology.

PSO2. Understand the physical, chemical and optical characteristics of rocks and minerals, their economic aspects and distribution.

PSO3. Understand the structural aspects of rock formations, global tectonics and earth dynamics.

PSO4. Understand the applications of geoscience in environmental planning and management.