Airport Operations Management and Visit to CIAL

The Department of Management Studies, SCAS, conducted a one-day workshop on Airport Operations Management followed by a visit to Airport Terminals in the afternoon in Cochin International Airport on 22JUNE2022 for the Final year BBA students as part of the add-on programme.

The Programme was organized by CIASL Aviation Academy ,the training wing of CIAL. CIASL is the academic and training wing of Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL).

The previously registered 52 student delegates were taken to CIASL campus in the Sahrdaya College bus accompanied by two academic staffs of the department, Mr, Nabeel PPM (Faculty of Aviation), Ms. Sneha Sasidharan (Class Animator), and the College bus operated by Mr.Joshy. The College bus started from the SCAS campus at around 8.30AM as planned