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B.Sc. Computer Science


Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. The radical changes in technologies and their ever-increasing adaptation to newer areas of application demand frequent updation of the academic curriculum so that the students can rise to the expectation of the Industry. The knowledge acquired by the students will also equip them to meet the industrial need, and get suitable employment. Graduates of this major will have good employment opportunities in the field of information technology. They will be equipped for jobs that involve state-of-the-art technology and the design and construction of large software systems. The provision of study streams allows students to pursue specializations in state-of-the-art technology such as data science, cloud computing, and mobile applications, further enhancing their career prospects in these areas.

Job Oppertunities

Computer science graduates and MCA pass outs find job opportunities in a variety of environments in academia, research, industry, government, private, business organizations, and so on. They are involved in analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing, using advanced communications or multi-media equipment, or working in teams for product development. The software and IT companies are the major employers of computer science graduates. They offer the best packages to the young graduates which are unmatched with other branches of science.

We have compiled a list of careers in the field of Computer and IT