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Mental health is very necessary for an individual to pursue a healthy life. A lot of mental pressure can be seen in individuals due to the prevalence of intricate social culture today. Here comes the importance of Psychologists as they can find solutions for different kinds of mental health problems. M.Sc in Psychology course can enable the candidates to pursue their career as Psychologists in various fields. Apart from that, they can obtain any specialization degree in any particular field of Psychology after completing this postgraduate course.

Scope for Higher Studies after M.Sc in Psychology

Pursuing higher studies after M.Sc in Psychology is a good option for the candidates who want a long-term career in the field of Psychology. Candidates can pursue either Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy degree in any desired subject. After completing the doctorate degree in a particular subject, one can pursue their career in the field related to that subject. They can work as Clinical Psychologists, Counseling Psychologists, Research Psychologists, or Social Psychologists according to their specialization taken during Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy degree. A variety of doctorate-level courses is available for the aspirants which are given below.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Stress Analysis
  • Master of Philosophy in Applied Psychology
  • Master of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology
  • Master of Philosophy in Psychology

Career Opportunities after M.Sc in Psychology

A wide range of career opportunities is available for M.Sc graduates in Psychology as they can provide various psychology-related services like counseling to individuals suffering from mental health problems. These graduates can pursue their careers as counselors in any counseling center in schools or colleges. Vocational Rehabilitation Offices also offer many job opportunities for these graduates. They can perform the role of Human Resources Assistant in these offices. They can work in any welfare organization as Urban Planning Officer so as to plan several mental health programs in the urban areas. They can get into the position of a parole officer in the prison. Career Counselor and Employment Specialist are the two job profiles available for these graduates in Child/Youth Guidance centers. They can pursue their career as Specialist Education Teachers in various colleges or universities. Also, they can perform the role of clergymen in various religious houses.

A Master’s degree in psychology will help you in finding plentiful job opportunities. There are many jobs where students who have done M.Sc. In Psychology can get a job easily. You can work as :

  • Clinical Psychologists::It involves diagnose, and treat individuals suffering from mental or emotional illnesses
  • Counselors: There work is to help individual’s to overcome issues affecting their daily life rather than psychiatric illness
  • Social Workers: You can treat mental illness or work for social welfare agencies.
  • Neuropsychometrist: Conducts neuropsychological screenings and testing to assess brain function and recovery in brain-injured clients
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology: They are concerned with the relationships between people and their work environments

Many other jobs are

  • Vocational rehabilitation provider
  • Psychosocial specialist
  • Rehabilitation counselor
  • Social service manager
  • Parole officer